Introducing CraftGrade, a TopShield Product!

CraftGrade StormStop and OffRidge products

Continuing the TopShield® commitment of providing only the highest quality products helping our TopShield customers be successful, Craftgrade™ ventilation brings quality with the features and benefits normally found in products with much higher costs.

Our new CraftGrade StormStop ridge vent and our new CraftGrade OffRidge Intake/Exhaust vent will provide the professional contractor with a great solution to help achieve proper home ventilation.

Our customers have grown to expect all TopShield® products to perform and meet their demanding needs of quality without exception, CraftGrade™ delivers.

StormStop® Ridge Vent

TopShield Stormstop

CraftGrade™ StormStop Ridge Vent is built for superior protection that stops snow, rain, sand and bugs from entering the attic.

Benefits & Features

  • Weather Blocker
  • Gun-Nailable
  • Installs on Hip and Ridge
  • Hurricane Approved
  • Repels Water
  • Durable and Impact Resistant
  • Sleek design for a clean, neat and long-lasting roof appearance

OffRidge Intake & Exhuast Vent

Offridge vent

CraftGrade™ OffRidge Intake & Exhaust Vent is on-deck ventilation for hard to vent areas.

Benefits & Features

  • Weather Blocker
  • Gun-Nailable
  • Installs on Upper and Lower Third
  • Roof to Wall Exhaust
  • Sleek Design for Clean, Neat Architecture
  • On deck ventilation for hard to vent areas
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